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Discover the Patterns That Predict Future Customers

Reach incremental and unduplicated audiences with Dstillery.

Meet Our Scientists

Our acclaimed data science team is passionate about cracking
brand codes and solving your marketing challenges.

  • “I worked with a credit card client to target small businesses for a new rewards card. By building a predictive model to find the right clients, I eliminated fraudulent activity and provided the best audience for their campaign.”

    — Melinda Han, Lead Data Scientist
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  • I worked on a campaign for a pharmaceutical company and discovered an unexpected CPG model that performed really well. When I ran our optimization tool, we exceeded delivery, client expectations, and results.

    — Taejin In, Senior Product Manager
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  • I opened the door to new audiences that were previously unreachable. By studying the correlation between mobile app activity and brand engagement, we help marketers use mobile data to reach specific brand audiences more effectively across channels.”

    — Gilad Barash, Data Scientist
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  • “I crafted a customized inventory blacklist for a client on their mobile campaigns, which lowered their CPM by 9.8% and increased campaigns performance by 2.2%.

    — Henry Chen, Senior Data Scientist
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  • “Our proprietary location technology allowed me to classify a brand’s most loyal customers, by identifying store visitation patterns. This innovative research allowed us to see how their customer base interacts with their competitors.

    — Peter Ibarra, Analyst
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  • “Brands want to avoid the guessing game. I’m researching trends to

    give brands an accurate estimate of results for their incremental budgets.”

    — Jordan Ash, Data Scientist
  • “What makes something go viral? Strong messaging and the right audience. I’m building technology to find influencers who can become brand advocates over time.”

    — Amelia White, Data Scientist
  • “I’m managing an internal pipeline to seamlessly deliver incoming client requests to connect the right data scientist to the appropriate client challenge.”

    — Lexi Messmer, Analyst
  • “I make sure that all the data passing through our platform is clean, so our clients don’t ever waste money serving impressions to consumers that are no longer in-market.”

    — Peter Lenz, Analyst
  • “We created a patented ad fraud solution that allows us to greatly minimize fraudulent impressions on exchange-based buys. That’s just 1/8th of the average exchange-based buys!”

    — Wickus Martin, Lead Software Engineer
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We create data-driven marketing solutions that are brand-specific, cross-channel, and tuned to perform.  And we deliver those solutions via platform or API, at whatever service level makes sense for you.